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You’ve got a great product, you’ve identified your target market and created a PPC advertising campaign with Google Adwords, but your campaign delivers little to no results! What went wrong?

It may be that your quality score with Google was too low and therefore your ad didn’t rank high enough to appear in the search engine results. For those new to Google Adwords and PPC advertising, this may sound complicated. eSense has therefore put together 5 simple tips to help improve your quality score and increase the traffic you get from your ad campaign.


According to Google, your quality score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. If Google are happy with these things then your ad will gain better ad positions for lower prices.

Use the below tips as a check list to ensure that you have created your best possible campaign and then assess your quality score in the ‘Keyword Analysis’ section of your Google Adwords account.


Carefully select your keywords for your campaign

Take time to complete your keyword research, finding words and phrases that are relevant to your campaign. By incorporating long-tail keywords into your list, you can make your campaign targeted to the people who are looking for exactly what you are offering.

This will also lead to a better click through rate, which is another very important element to improving your quality score.


Group your keywords effectively

Grouping your keywords into small groups of closely linked words makes it a lot easier to write targeted ad copy (point 3) and therefore create relevant ad campaigns for your customers. Taking time to organise your keywords effectively will make the rest of your campaign much more manageable and more likely to be successful.


Relevant ad copy

When writing your ad copy, you need to ensure it is relevant to the products offered, the keywords that have been searched for and the landing page that the customer will be taken to. There must be congruence throughout all these elements of your campaign.

Think of your ad copy as a bridge between your keywords and your landing page, which must link the two successfully together.

Google is looking for the customer’s journey to be as straightforward as possible. Your ad copy should therefore accurately meet your potential customer’s needs. It should contain your keywords and give a compelling reason for the customer to click on your ad.


Tailored landing pages

One of the biggest mistakes to make when creating a PPC campaign is to send your customers to your homepage from your ad. This is one sure-fire way to increase your bounce rate. The user has been taken to your site because they are interested in something you are advertising. If they cannot see further information about purchasing this product immediately, it is very likely that they will leave.

So, create specific landing pages that are relevant to your ad campaign and continue your customer’s journey smoothly. This will not only help your quality score, but will also improve your conversion rate.


Review, review, review

Your quality score fluctuates every time one of your keywords matches a search query. Therefore, you have the opportunity to improve it, once you have real-time data to analyse.

A PPC campaign has to be nurtured on a regular basis.

Check in, review the results, eliminate costly keywords that are not converting, add in negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant searches and tweak your ad copy.

By using your own campaign data available, you have the opportunity to make improvements and see your quality score and your conversions increase.


Bonus point! Account history

Google also rewards good account history. Therefore by implementing the strategies above and creating successful PPC campaigns, your quality score will also increase for your future work.


The main underlying rule to achieving a higher quality score is making sure your campaign is as relevant as possible to the user requirements. Google is always looking to provide a good user experience and campaigns that are able to offer that will be rewarded with a better quality score.


If you would like assistance with putting together and managing a successful PPC campaign, eSense has a team of professionals, whose experience with Google Adwords will ensure you achieve the best possible return on investment without making costly errors.


By Lorna Paice


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