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marketing strategy

How to use the purchase funnel to guide your marketing activity

With the numerous possible options available when approaching a digital marketing strategy, it may seem difficult to know where to start with your campaign. If you are small or new business, choosing ...

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review sites, 5-star review

Review Sites and their effect on your Business' Reputation

In today’s world, customers are now able to be a lot more vocal about the service they receive from your organisation. Whether it is via social media or on review sites, customers can express their ...

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content writing, laptop, writing

Content Writing: How to get your audience’s attention

Content has become increasingly important over the last few years as more and more of our marketing is done online. However nowadays, we have become inundated with content. Every business, brand and ...

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Google AdWords, quality score, search engine

5 Tips to Improve your Google Quality Score

You’ve got a great product, you’ve identified your target market and created a PPC advertising campaign with Google Adwords, but your campaign delivers little to no results! What went wrong? It ...

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Snapchat, Instagram, social media apps

Is Snapchat failing in its fight against Facebook?

Snapchat made the headlines again last week with huge losses and a feeling of uncertainty amongst shareholders. As Facebook uses Instagram to crush any sort of advantage Snapchat had in the social med ...

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strategy, digital marketing, man, board

Tips for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing can be tricky for people who are new to it, as there is so much to learn and the techniques are continually updating. Like any other practice, there are different ways to approach it ...

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