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quotes, marketing quotes

10 of our Favourite Marketing Quotes

Although digital marketing today takes a lot more of a scientific approach to designing campaigns than traditional marketing may have done in the past, a creative edge is still required to conquer up ...

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brand partnerships, handshake, partners

Brand Partnerships: How to make them work for your business

Walk through the supermarket and you would struggle not to identify at least 10 brand partnerships; many of which would include big food brands, partnering with new movies and popular culture. This fo ...

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social media, apps, smartphone

Get Creative With These 4 Great Social Media Tools

Social media has long been a great way for businesses to communicate with the customers. However, we are now in the situation where creativity and a unique approach are essential in order to stand out ...

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Halloween, spooky night

Halloween: 5 ideas for your seasonal marketing campaigns

Halloween could be viewed as the start of a number of seasonal events that enable marketers to get a bit more creative with their campaigns. However, how can we make the most of these celebrations and ...

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marathon, running

The Birmingham International Marathon: Promoting the City

On 15th October 2017, thousands lined up to take part in Birmingham’s first marathon in decades. Being our local city, eSense decided to review its success and asks how it has helped promote Birming ...

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The Internet of Things, Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things and its Relevance to Businesses

Our blog this week is inspired by a post in which global CEOs listed the ‘Internet of Things’ as one of the technology trends that would have the biggest impact on their organisation over the next ...

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