Halloween, spooky night

Halloween could be viewed as the start of a number of seasonal events that enable marketers to get a bit more creative with their campaigns. However, how can we make the most of these celebrations and spark new interest in our business?

Many people enjoy getting creative at Halloween, therefore finding ways to tap into this interest will help you generate engagement for your business. Below eSense shares 5 ideas to make the most of Halloween, or any other seasonal opportunity, in your marketing campaigns.

Use seasonal branding

You can catch the interest of new business from people who enjoys seasonal festivities by using appropriate logos and pictures in your marketing campaigns at this time of year.

Find Halloween images and backgrounds for your emails, landing pages and social media posts. Consider also a colour change for a day or two during this spooky time of year. This may also pique the interest of your current customers, who are intrigued by this temporary change in branding.

Run creative, seasonal contests

Get people talking about your brand by running a creative competition. This could be for the best carved pumpkin, the most innovative Halloween costume, writing a spooky story or some spooky-looking food or drink. Get your customers to post their efforts on social media and then engage your audience further by sharing their efforts as part of your marketing campaign.

Be playful with language

Incorporate some spooky language into your content this year to have fun with your marketing campaigns. Depending on your customer base, most people will enjoy the light-hearted approach during seasonal festivities.

Halloween hashtags

Get creative with your hashtags around different seasonal celebrations. Relate them to the time of year and also your brand to get a conversation started and your customers engaged.

Theme your store – either for real or online

Many shops will decorate their stores to reflect the time of year, but had you thought about ‘decorating’ your online ecommerce store? You could even add a trick or treat theme offering your customers a chance to win bonuses as they shop during Halloween, or a Santa stocking for when it is getting towards Christmas.


There are many opportunities to get more creative with your marketing campaigns at this time of year. Whether it’s Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, Hogmanay or Chinese New Year, embrace this opportunity to generate interest and buzz around your business and brand.


By Lorna Paice

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